The Maine Windjammer Association

A message from the Captains of the Maine Windjammer Association

The stewardship of these 8 magnificent Windjammers is a passion for us... We are proud of what we do... More than a job or a business venture, this is a lifestyle choice, a labor of love, forged from a desire to preserve Maine's working maritime history under sail... The opportunity to advance the traditional skills necessary to maintain, crew and sail that which represents the best last vestige of American independence, a hallmark of the Maine Coast a century ago... Is why we are here!

The ships of the Maine Windjammer Association, whether Schooner, Ketch, Historic Landmark, or purposely built for passenger service, are individually owned and operated, each as different as those of us who sail them, all with essence unique to their design.

We are your Captains, your hosts, and your guides through one of the most pristine cruising grounds on the planet... We are committed to your safety and pleasure, confident we can offer our passengers a uniquely Maine Windjammer experience set apart from the others... And unsurpassed in all the world. Welcome Aboard!

Can’t wait to see you out on the Bay!  

Captain Noah & Jane Barnes, Stephen Taber

Captains Kip Files & Paul DeGaeta, Victory Chimes

Captain John Foss, American Eagle

Captains Doug & Linda Lee, Heritage

Captains Barry King & Jen Martin, Mary Day

Captain Dennis Gallant & Candace Kuchinski, Angelique

Captains Garth Wells and Jenny Tobin, Lewis R. French

Captain J.R. Braugh, Ladona